The safe road

We believe that both cyclists and drivers should be able to share the road in blissful harmony. That’s why we created an app that makes the roads safe for anything on wheels. Noroc is a Romanian greeting and toast to “health and fortune.” So raise a glass (but not while you’re on the road) to safe roads!
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Just speak into your watch or phone and share!

Let’s build camaraderie on the road and save lives.

All you need is an iPhone, with or without an Apple Watch, and a love of the open road.

Our Android version is in the works.

Location, location, location!

Hop on your bike and ride with the confidence that you're letting the Noroc community know where you are on the road.

Record the license plates of those crazy drivers.

It’s your new superpower. The next time that car nearly mows you down, you can tag their license plate for posterity (and future lawsuits). And, when you narrowly escape being swallowed up by those potholes, flag them on Noroc with your voice and then share them with the peloton.

The power to see the future.

Is there a cyclist just over that hill ahead? Real-time alerts will let you know, so you can drive accordingly. Imagine if Waze could do that? We didn’t feel like waiting, so we offer it for free to cyclists and drivers everywhere!


I’m Sean, AKA “motor” and I’ve been biking for pretty much my whole life. It’s a Zen thing... The more I bike, the better things are. I’d love to hear from you so feel free to introduce yourself and follow me on Strava or Instagram.
Sean Connelly
Mr. Safety
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Raise your glass and claim your goals with this awesome personalized YETI built from your Strava accomplishments!
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Yeah, we built Noroc the right way. If you’d like to integrate Noroc into your platform, fleet of vehicles, or Tesla’s new navi system, please call or contact us. We’re all ears! Let's make the roads safe, together.
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Together, let’s honor cyclists, safety, and the passion to go that extra mile! Do you have questions or would you like to collaborate? Drop us a line so we can make the roads safe, together. And, hey, if you’re part of an organization that could use our help, count us in.
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